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5 Go-To Websites to save HUGE on Hotels, Flights and Tours


You see ads that say that you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your Holiday if you do your homework.  But can you really?  YES

Saving on Hotels

Start your search for Hotels at least a few weeks or even months before you intend on leaving for your Holiday.

My go-to list for searching for the best Hotel deals

Trivago.com:  Let’s you Search multiple Hotel deal sites to find the best deal

Trivago-hotelscom-1 (1)

Tips:  Visit the site several times over several days/weeks to get a feel for the prices on the Hotels that you like.  The prices change day to day going sometimes higher and other times lower.  This can be as much as a $50.00 to $150 difference on a Hotel room for a single night.

Over the course of checking the website over several days you will see the prices fluctuate ALOT.  It’s actually really fun.  Checking for the price of a room at the iconic Waldoff Astoria,the first price I saw was $380.00,but by also checking the cost a room for a different day of the week,I found a room for $230. Hotel room prices also fluctuate by day of the week.  If you really need at least one night at the Hotel on the lower east side in NYC with the roof top pool,check the Hotel room price for different days of the week. You’re on vacation so whether your day to lie pool side is a Tuesday or a Sunday makes no difference to you ,right?

If you like to see a lot of pictures of the inside,outside and around the Hotel and read reviews.  Go to tripadvisor.com and search for the Hotel name.  While there,check the price they have for the Hotel.


Also check Groupon.com and Livingsocial.com  Sometimes they have some great deals as well.

If the Hotel you like is a top Brand like a Hilton or Marriot ,sign up for their reward program for great perks like free Wi-Fi and free room upgrades, and of course to acquire points for future free stays.  Those points add up!  and of course you’re a smart traveler and have a credit card that awards travel points.   YES! double points.

Tip: If you see a better price on a deal site than they have on the hotel website,call the Hotel and ask them to match it.

Hotwire.com is also a great place to find deals especially on vacation packages and all-inclusive long weekends.  You can get a great deal on a Hotel if you don’t mind not knowing the name of the hotel until you get there or after you book.

hotwire logo

Here’s how you work it!

This is an especially great deal if you want to stay in a 4 or 5 Star Hotel.  You can pick the neighborhood.  In some neighborhoods there may be just( 3) 5 Star Hotels.  You’ll get an amazing deal and you’ll know you will be at one of the 3. : )

Saving on Flights


Book your low cost airfare with CheapAir.com

Okay,now that you found a great Hotel.  You’ll definitely want to go on some great tours.

In the last couple of months I went to NYC twice.  I was really surprised at the amazing deals I got on great tours on Groupon . I will be blogging about the individual tours in a later post.  Groupon vouchers can typically be used within 6-12 months of purchase ,so this will give you a good opportunity to book your tours at up to a 60% discount,and plan and get excited for your upcoming trip.  I start looking for Groupons* months before I leave on Holiday by just going to the website and pulling up the deals for the city I am going to.

On my last trip to NYC my girlfriends and I went on an amazing 90 minute Double decker open air bus tour of NYC just before sunset for $17 each.  The tour took us through all the great neighborhoods in Manhattan and over the bridge into Brooklyn where we took amazing pictures and had a blast.  The next day we went on a 2/1/2 hour walking tour of Harlem for 60% off the price listed on the Company website.

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